What To Expect if You Have a Claim

Email: claims@loudounmutual.com
Claims Fax (540) 301-2153
When there is a large weather event, claims may be processed slightly different than during normal times. Here are some tips on what to expect during high volume times.

If your claim is for food spoilage only, please complete this form and submit it with the details of the food lost, or simply replace your food and send us the receipt with your policy information. You should receive a check within 10 days. There is no other action required.
• You can report your claim online, call your local agent, or call 1-800-752-3458. Our 800 number may transfer to an outside vendor to take the initial report if the claim volume is extremely high.
• Having your policy number when you call will expedite the claims process.
• Have daytime phone numbers and email addresses handy to give us.
• Give as much detail as you can on the damages and the severity. If roads are blocked or local authorities are restricting access, let us know.
• You should be contacted within 48 hours of reporting your claim.
• Your first form of contact may be a letter or email explaining what to do in your particular situation.
• We may use an independent adjusting company or a local contractor, rather than a staff adjuster during high volume times.
• Do what is reasonably necessary to protect your property. Save any receipts for money you spend to do this. If you can take photos, please do.
• Have trees removed from homes, out buildings or fences. Be wary of price gouging.
• Watch out for unlicensed, out of state and new start up contractors.
• If your home is uninhabitable, your local agent may have the ability to advance a check for a hotel and essentials. Save any receipts. A home without electricity is inconvenient but is not considered uninhabitable unless you need to keep medical equipment running.
• Adjusters can write estimates, however if you have a specific contractor you wish to use, we can review their estimate and come to an agreed price.
• You will receive a copy of the adjusters estimate. Give a copy of the adjusters estimate to the contractor of your choice.
• You should receive a check within 10 days of receiving the estimate.
• If you have a mortgage on your home you will want to contact them to find out their procedures for claim checks, as their name will be included as a payee.

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