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Policy for Securely Sending PII & Bank Account Information

Loudoun Mutual receives a great deal of sensitive information on our policyholders and applicants. This includes ACH/EFT forms with bank account and routing numbers, credit card numbers, applications with social security numbers/dates of birth/driver’s license numbers, death certificates, full legal names, change requests with sensitive information, and more. All of these are considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We ask that you only send PII via encrypted email, secure file transmission services, or fax.

It is important to us that we protect our policyholders in every way possible, including the protection of their PII while it is in transit. Anything that could potentially expose someone’s identity or financial information should be sent over secure channels. If your agency does not have tools to encrypt an email (and its attachments) or a secure file sharing service, any of Loudoun Mutual’s employees can generate a link to upload files to us securely. If you are unsure, or if your agency does not have this capability, please reach out for a link to upload files instead of using email. You can also send faxes to (540) 882-4785.

Below is a list of common forms/PII we frequently receive and who you can ask to generate a secure link when sending each type:

ACH/EFT Forms:

Policy Applications:

  • Personal or Commercial Lines Underwriter

Policy Change Requests Containing PII:

Death Certificates:

  • Personal or Commercial Lines Underwriter

Claims Files (including files that are too large to send using email):

Any Other Files Containing PII/Miscellaneous Questions:

If you have any questions about what is considered PII or concerns about this policy, please reach out to us at (540) 882-3232 (toll free: (800) 752-3458) and ask to speak to someone regarding this notice.

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