Loudoun Mutual will never contact you directly via phone call to pay your bill. If your bill is overdue, we send a notice via USPS mail (or an email if you have paperless settings turned on). The notice lets you know your policy will be cancelled if payment is not received by a specified date.

Criminals are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive in their attempts to trick you into paying them or giving out personal information. Be especially wary of anyone stressing the urgency of the matter and demanding immediate payment. Do not give out your bank account number, credit/debit card number, or personal information to someone who calls you claiming to be an employee of Loudoun Mutual. To make a payment call us directly at (800) 752-3458 or call your agent.

Why You Should Choose Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company

Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company is rated A- (Excellent) by AM Best, the premier insurance rating organization. A.M. Best ratings are issued on over 3,500 companies in more than 80 countries worldwide. Best's Credit Ratings are recognized as a benchmark for assessing a rated organization's financial strength as well as the credit quality of its obligations.

Mobile Homeowners

Loudoun Mutual has been insuring mobile homes since 1999. Our mobile home policy is designed specifically for owner-occupied mobile homes not eligible for our homeowners program. One of the only mobile homes we do not insure are mobile homes with non-factory installed woodstoves. We feel that this is a life-safety issue.

Like our traditional homeowner policy, the mobile home policy is a package policy which includes both property and liability coverage. A mobile home policy is identical to our regular homeowner policy except that loss to the mobile home itself is depreciated. For any covered loss, the settlement is based on the actual value of the mobile home rather than the cost to replace the mobile home. However, coverage may be endorsed to insure both the mobile home and the personal property on a replacement value basis.

Mobile Home Guardian

In addition, Loudoun Mutual has developed a unique package endorsement, the Mobile Home Guardian, to add important coverages to your mobile home policy at an extremely competitive price. Most notably, the Guardian adds $10,000 water damage coverage resulting from back up of sewers or drains or water which overflows from within a sump pump. The Guardian also adds replacement value for the mobile home, related private structures and personal property, along with other important increased coverages.

Identity Recovery & Earthquake Coverage

Loudoun Mutual is unique in providing options for Identity Recovery and Earthquake coverage. These coverages can be important to every homeowner in today's world. One exposure that Loudoun Mutual does not insure against is loss caused by flood. This can be very important as mobile homes are much more subject to major loss due to this hazard. Customers should talk to their agent about how to insure against loss due to flood as there are options available. Mobile home premiums are determined based on the value, age, and location of the mobile home, plus the optional coverages selected. Contact your local agent for details.

Identity Recovery Coverage FAQs
Claim Scenarios for Mobile Homeowners

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This summary is intended for informational purposes only and does not modify or invalidate any of the provisions, exclusions, terms or conditions of the policy and endorsements. For specific terms and conditions, please refer to the coverage form.