A Long Tradition of Service

In 1849, the growing town of Waterford, Virginia was in need of an insurance company to protect its citizens against fire losses. A group of Waterford leaders and businessmen established the Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Loudoun County, now known as Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company. Loudoun Mutual’s beginnings were small. The yearly rent for its first office was $25 per year, including the wood stove and firewood. Initially, the company’s vision was to serve the people of Loudoun County with affordable coverage. After more than 150 years of service, Loudoun Mutual has grown into a financially sound and customer-minded company that serves thousands of people throughout Virginia.

In the early years, Loudoun Mutual survived the Civil War, though it was a struggle. The post-war years brought about rapid growth and the company began to expand beyond Loudoun County, establishing customers in other Virginia counties. The company’s success made more space a necessity and in 1872, it moved into a new office building constructed for $1,400.

Times changed and so did society. The advent of such inventions as the match brought about new challenges. Because of greater fire losses caused by the small wooden sticks, Loudoun Mutual had to increase its’ premiums. When stove pipes became a low-cost alternative to stone chimneys, the company was forced to insist that the addition of the new device to a home would void coverage.

By the early 20th century, Loudoun Mutual had moved once more into a larger office and was adjusting to the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution. Electricity was the rage, though not without risk. After careful consideration, Loudoun Mutual decided not to raise premiums for those who added electric lights to their homes, provided they were installed correctly.

For almost 100 years Loudoun Mutual was successful in writing just fire insurance. By the late 1940s, expansion was inevitable in order to compete with other insurance companies. Coverage was offered for other perils and over the years additional lines of business were added.

In 1949, on its 100th anniversary, Loudoun Mutual moved into a new building on High Street in Waterford, VA, where it remains today. The prosperity of the following decades brought increased growth and the need for an important change – in 1979 the Company shortened its name to Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company.

Many things have changed since Loudoun Mutual was established and the company has faithfully met the needs of its customers through some of history’s most challenging times. Today, Loudoun Mutual remains true to the vision of its founders – to provide the best possible insurance products at the best possible rates.