Paperless eDelivery is Now Available for Insureds in Our My Policy Site!

Insureds may now choose to receive their policy documents via email instead of having them mailed from the USPS! The option of going paperless has been requested by many agents; this is available to the insured once they have logged in on our My Policy site.

A PDF guide for agents to help the insureds sign up for My Policy has been created for you and can be accessed on our website under Manuals and Forms (at the bottom of the Manuals subsection), or by clicking this link. It also shows screen shots of the new interface and all subpages of the site.

To sign up for eDelivery: after logging into My Policy, they will need to select “Go Paperless” from the settings page by clicking “View Account” and then selecting Document Delivery (as shown in the screen shot below). After signing up for eDelivery, the system will send all policy-related documents to the email address associated with the insured’s account. Paper agent copies will still be delivered even if the insured chooses to go paperless.

You can send any questions or concerns to